Forbo Eurocol partners with DecoRad

As professional application of 326 UV-CareShield requires specialised equipment, Forbo Eurocol formed a partnership with DecoRad Systems.

Quoting Forbo Eurocol’s Sales Director Rob Eijgelsheim “ DecoRad develops and produces portable UV equipment in a complete range, and sells worldwide.
Next to the UV equipment they now distribute 326 UV-CareShield, what makes a great addition to their portfolio.
This cooperation is attractive to both Forbo Flooring and Forbo Eurocol customers.
These customers find UV coating and equipment combined with training offered via one company.
This makes bringing linoleum floors back to new in no time, easy “

Material Safety Datasheet

View, print or download this Material Safety Datasheet Forbo Eurocol 326 UV-CareShield.

Pricelist 2024

View, print or download our pricelist for Forbo Eurocol 326 UV-CareShield.

Technical Datasheet

View, print or download this technical datasheet "how to apply Forbo Eurocol 326 UV-CareShield."

EC-1 Emission Code

View, print or download the EC-1 Emission certificate of Forbo Eurocol 326 UV-CareShield.

326 UV-CareShield by Forbo Eurocol

326 UV-CareShield by Forbo Eurocol is a one component permanent sealer for linoleum floors with intensive use. Combined with DecoRad portable UV curing equipment for years of protection. 

Rapid protection

Treated floors are back to new and ready for immediate use.

Breaking patterns with UV

In today’s sustainable society, with solar panels, windmills, and electric cars, isn’t it logical to shed an ancient and environmentally unfriendly technique like polymering ?

Why choose 326 UV-CareShield?

The advantages of 326 UV-CareShield include:

One component

Free from solvents and isocyanates

Ready for use

Immediately after UV-curing

Stain resistant

including alcohol and disinfectants.

Extremely durable

with a beautiful satin appearance

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326 UV-CareShield


Customer experience!

Floorcure, Belgium

Market leader in Belgium in the field of renovation and damage repair of top layers on flexible floors.

Business manager Paul Vanhauter speaks.

As you know, we have been using UV on site for several years, with great success! This is still a growth market for very time-sensitive renovation projects and healthcare. Considering the timing and implementation, these are also very demanding renovations. Literally nothing can go wrong.We have already gained a lot of experience there.
Our reliable and well-trained staff handle these high-tech devices with care. Clothing and safety regulations are always observed.

Specific to the 326 UV Careshield, we use this product for all Forbo Flooring warranty cases and our own renovation projects with lino.

The benefits of 326 UV Careshield:

  • 1K product
  • Cheaper than others with the most matte finish/gloss.

The disadvantages of 326 UV Careshield:

  • Always apply 2 layers.
  • The speed of UV curing is 8 m/min.

We also use the Dr Schutz UV for other projects. Every UV product has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Floorcure is a reliable partner of many professionals in the sector who have anything to do with floors. From manufacturer, installer, general contractor and interior designer.

Customer experience!

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